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The one that stands at the top of the food chain in the ocean – the great white shark. One of the most iconic monsters in history which featured in movies such as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea. This fearsome predator is famous for its cold-blooded appearance alongside with its razor sharp teeth. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to encounter these monsters aren’t you ?


  • The Great white shark’s name is based on the color of their belly.
  • These creatures can dive at a maximum depth of 900 meters
  • These fearsome predators, can grow for an average of 4.6 meters long up to 6 meters long and weighs up to 5,000 pounds.
  • These cunning creature have a technique called spy hopping – a technique wherein the Great white jumps out of the ocean water to spot for a potential prey.
  • Say cheese, when you get to see this predator’s mouth which has an average of 300 massive triangular teeth – ouch!
  • These clever creatures likes to hunt by surprise. They swim underneath their prey and swim up for the attack – CHOMP!
  • The Great white has a strong sense of smell. Their sense of smell is so great that they can detect a drop of blood in a 10 billion drops of water.
  • Despite its look of a cold blooded predator it is actually a warm blooded animal. With a temperature of 13° C slightly warmer than the ocean water.
  • These creature only bites human out of curiosity and not for eating. They prefer other fishes, manta rays, turtles and many more.
  • Because of their powerful tail, these living torpedoes can swim through the water at over 60km/h.
  • These creatures does not have an eyelid. They can only roll their eyes for protection.
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  • The Great white shark’s life expectancy is around 30 years.
  • The female great white sharks are larger than male.
  • The ones that can stand up against this fearsome predator is an orca or also known as the killer whales.
  • The Great white shark has an extra sense called electro-reception wherein they can sense an electrical field
  • The mother doesn’t care for its young ones and in fact she may try to cannibalize them. The offspring of a Great white shark is called “pups”. After giving birth, they immediately swim away through the ocean.


Despite its intimidating appearance, this predator does not really prefer humans as their prey like we think it is. In fact, we are the real predator to them. Illegal hunting, over fishing and other illegal activities proves that they are still a vulnerable species. One step closer and these creatures will be extinct before we even know it.


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