Great Sea Battle: Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark

Well, what if these two extraordinary fish fight in the sea using all they have in their hunting arsenal. A fight between two apex predators, who will stand at the top of the food chain?


The killer whales or also known as orca, got their name in their diet. Well obviously, the killer whales feed on a much larger creature including sea lions, dugong, seabirds, squid, octopuses, sea turtles, sharks, rays and fish, etc. The killer whales prefer hunting in groups.

This magnificent creature also have a unique attribute called echolocation. This echolocation uses sound waves that travel through the water until it hits an object. This either serves as their way to communicate with another orca or it serves as their way to identify an object much like a sonar in submarines.

The orcas weigh 6 tons and grow to 23 up to 32 feet. They use their immense teeth which can grow for up to 10 inches.

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The Great White Shark

The great white shark which is famous in Hollywood for its massive teeth. This apex predator hunts on other fishes, manta rays,etc. This monster can grow for 4.6 meters long up to 6 meters and weighs 680 – 1,100 kg.

They have a hideous set of teeth which have an average of 300 immense triangular teeth.

This extraordinary creature has a sixth sense called electro-reception wherein they can detect an electrical field. They also have an excellent smell wherein, they can detect a single drop of water in a billion drops of water.


In a 1 on 1 battle, the orca would likely win but it wouldn’t be so easy. The orca will win because of its intelligence. In a death battle, the most cunning one will be the one who eats. In the ocean, the orca can use its environment to it’s advantage. Using its ability the echolocation, they can set traps or lure the sharks until there is an opening and that is where they strike.

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