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We’re back again with another cat protagonist in the board. So today’s topic is the jaguar which has a lot of similarity with our previous post which is the leopard. For you to breakdown its difference well you know the basics!! read my post and have fun 😀


Jaguars are third largest cats in the world. They can grow for 4 to 6 feet aside from the tail which can add for another 2 feet in length. The jaguar’s weight depends on the gender; Males which can weigh for 126 to 250 lbs, while the females can weigh for 100 to 200 lbs.

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Jaguars commonly lives in forests. Jaguars like to be near in the water and also they are a very good swimmers. They also use their tails in luring fish much like of a fishing rod.

Jaguars are apex predators which means they are in the top of the food chain with no natural predators. They are carnivores which likes to eat meat. They are very aggressive and will use their speed and camouflage techniques to hunt down its prey and finishing with its powerful jaws and sharp teeth.

Jaguar’s bite force is 1350 psi which has the most powerful bite force of all the cats (big or small). With one devastating bite, a turtle’s shell will surely break. A sample of its prey are the deer, birds, frogs, fish, monkeys, squirrel, alligators, and many more.

Jaguars are territorial animals which mark their area using their claws or their urine. They are also solitary creature which likes to live by itself.

Jaguars have a 6x greater eyesight than that of humans which makes them a relentless hunter capable of hunting their prey even in dark dark conditions.



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