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The cheetah which is the world’s fastest animal earned its spot on the top. But unfortunately they are a coward which cowers in fear when facing the lion and such. They are not capable to grow but they can purr like a domestic cat.


The world’s fastest land animal is none other than the cheetah which can reach its top speed which is 70 mph in just a mere 3 seconds.

Unlike many cats, the cheetah’s paws is hard in which it gives a lot of traction when running which is like a cleat in the football shoes . This helps them to feel and grasp the ground.

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The cheetah’s tail is long and very strong which is flat in shape. It serves as a steering wheel which helps them to balance and control their body when running.

The Cheetahs are carnivores which feeds on meat. The cheetah’s diet includes springbok, steenbok, Thomson’s gazelle, and duiker.

Their method of killing is to chase down the prey and striking down the throat which cuts off the air supply of the victim.

Cheetah’s have a built-in aim pads. They have a tear marks in their eye which serves as protection from the sun when they hunt in the day. It also helps them to focus and aim on their prey unfortunate prey.



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